New Pandanda House&Tree Catolog Pandanda

Hey Pandas!
Teddy Here with House&Tree Newest Catolog
The Theme is Dance,Mexican and Space its pretty cool and you can buy an animated item its the dance floor its pretty cool well anyways guys check it out

well thats all guys til next time cya haha also i might be having a contest soon
for a 6 month or 1 month giveaway so keep on the lookout for that guys!
Well Cya Guys

New Pandanda Clothing Catolog

Hey Pandas!
Ok i know this is a little late but xD i was busy with school so heres the Newest Catolog On Pandanda for Clothing

Ok guys xD thats all also be on the look out for new post's well til next time guys cya
In Other News: Coconut Beach is OPEN
So ill be posting about that
~teddy259 PDJ President

Pandanda Valentines Day Item

Hey Pandas!
There is a free Valentine's item in panda land.Its Heart Antenas i belive.All you got to do is simply log and and this message should appear(picture below).Then Check your closet and it will be there

 Heres what the antenas look like on your player card.Kinda cool huh??
Also sorry i havent been posting the triva questions ill try to ask my friend for the pics.Well thats pretty much it.well cya guys til next time.
~PDJ  President,Teddy259

Zing Ballyhoo 19th Mystery Item

Hey Pandas!!
Zing Has brought his 19th mystery item to pandanda today.Just Collect 10 tickets before next monday and you could get this.
 You Can choose between The heart glasses and 500 coins
 and then once you select the glasses it goes in your closet and you can try them on
Here is what the glasses look like on your panda.Im not really a big fan but kinda cool i guess
Well That Pretty Much it The next box comes out tommrow hmm i wonder what it could be.Also SAINTS SHOCKED THE WORLD!!!!!Sains are the winners of Superbowl XLIV.Score was 31-17 Woot GO SAINTS!!!!
~PDJ President Teddy259

Pandanda Dragons Update

Hey Pandas!'
As You rember Henry said there was gonna be some type of update for dragons.Well there is a new option at the Pet Store.You can now adopt your dragon if you click on Izzy.
 You Can sell your dragon for some money if you need it instead of it running away and you losing 1,000 coins you can just place it for adoption
So Thats Pretty Much it Who is Gonna be watching the Superbowl tonight?? I know i am,I Rember last year when i use to play Club Penguin there was a party with people wanting the Cardinals to win and people that want the Steelier to win.I of course wanted the steeliers to win beacuase uhh there AWESOME duh
Well That pretty much all i have to say guys well umm yah i think zing is having an item tommrow well...BYE!
~PDJ President and Founder,Teddy259

Pandanda Triva Contest Hints

Hey Pandas!
Henrys Newest Contest Has Started TODAY! so heres what to do.Go to the bear hollow and click on the mystery box and see what the daliy question is.

Ok so heres the Questions order of the date.

1.Feb.6th 2010Hint(its between 30-34 and you can look for in the forest)

2.Feb.7th 2010
The 2nd Box is Now Avalible. It is located in Darby fields.
well anyways here is todays Daliy Question.(in the picture below)

(hint: hmm think of ice cream *cough*)

3.Feb.8th 2010
Todays box is located at the Fishing hole
And Today's Question is(in the picture below):

(Hint: Where did Zing Go during Christmas,Look back at some of our post)

Henry's Party Review(Sorta)

Hey Pandas!
As many of you Henry made an apperance on Pandanda Today at 12:00 pm PST
unfortunately i could'nt make it =( i was busy.Well Anyways my Friend Penguitt was kind enough to give me 2 picture from the party.
Heres a pic of henry in the den umm and im pretty sure there was 50 pandas in there
And then Heres one from the Eastern Market seems like there will be some type of update related to dragons this week so keep an eye out

Well Thats pretty much all there is to it.Once Again Thanks Penguitt for the pics you should follow him on twitter and vist his site.Oh yah and SUPERBOWL 44 TOMMROW GO SAINTS
~PDJ President,Teddy259

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